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Welcome to SaintFrancisOldCatholic.org the online home of Saint Francis Old Catholic Church in Augusta Georgia. We are an Old Catholic Parish that is Franciscan in nature and practice. We offer truly Catholic Liturgies in an open and accepting environment. Whether you are new to the Catholic Faith or a “Cradle Catholic”, you will find a home that is welcoming and familiar to you.

We meet at Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church located at 2321 Lumpkin Road in Augusta, Georgia. We meet every Sunday at 3:00 PM for a celebration of the Holy Mass. You can reach us by phone at (762) 218-2485.

Everyone is welcome!

We are working to build a parish that is diverse and accepting, while maintaining a spirit of prayer and deep spirituality. We believe that God loves all people and that God does not make junk. Rather, we are all made exactly the way God wanted us to be. This includes those who are still seeking to understand what that is or looks like. We welcome all people regardless of their gender, race, marital status or sexual identity. This includes rich and poor, healthy and sick, gay and straight, and everything in-between. All are welcome, because we believe that God turns no one away.

We do not turn anyone away. If you have been turned away by other churches, hurt by people who claim to be Christian, we encourage you to come see the difference!

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Saint Francis Old Catholic Church in Augusta Georgia is a member of the Old Catholic Churches International.

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